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"While working as fund development director at Jewish Family Service of Worcester, I had the privilege of getting to know Alice Litter.  She is an extremely compassionate, intelligent, articulate, and caring individual who goes above and beyond to assist her clients to conquer their personal obstacles.  Not only was she praised by her clients and other professionals as a talented psychotherapist, she was admired for her willingness to advocate for those in need of assistance in the legal, medical, and vocational arenas.  A highly respected professional in the mental health community, Alice has helped many individuals live a better and more productive life."

Allison Specter

Former colleague at JFS Worcester


"As a special education administrator in a K-12 public school district, I am often called upon to assist parents of special needs students in post-high school planning for their youngsters. In recent years, there have been an increasing number of students with Asperger's or high-functioning autism for whom this sort of planning is required.  Their issues are quite different from those of other special education students.  On a number of occasions, I have consulted with Alice Litter regarding how best to meet their needs--academic, social/emotional, and vocational--as they leave the public school system.  With her combination of social work and legal expertise, and her sensitivity to the unique issues these youngsters face, she is a powerful resource on these topics."


Sue Miller

Past Administrator of Special Education    

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